Nathan Eovaldi and Brandon - Baseball Buddies in 2008

Nathan Eovaldi and Brandon Slovak, 2005

For years, local kids have enjoyed teaming up with Alvin High School Varsity Baseball players in the Baseball Buddy program. At the beginning of the season, each child is assigned a Baseball Buddy from the Varsity team. The Varsity players call and send post cards to their Buddies and play catch with them after each home game. Baseball Buddies receive an Alvin High School Baseball Buddy tee-shirt. If  you wear your shirt to home games, you get to run the bases after the games, getting high fives from all the players as you round third base!

But that’s not all… Enjoy a pizza party with all the players at the end of the year. This is your chance to mingle with future baseball stars. Former Baseball Buddies have fond memories—and post cards—from Nathan Eovaldi and other players who have broken into professional baseball!

Here is what one mom had to say on our Facebook page:

Tonight was the first home game we’ve been able to make since the regular season started. My son, Nathan, was bummed that his buddy Andrew wasn’t there tonight. (He did find out later that Andrew had pitched a no hitter for the JV team, so he thought that was AWESOME) Nathan didn’t think he would end up getting to throw with anyone his first time being able to. But, Colby was able to throw with him. When we left Nathan said “well… ummm.. that was the COOLEST thing I have EVER done. We HAVE to go to EVERY game home and away so I can watch them.” Thank you Alvin Baseball for your buddy program. And thank you to the players for taking time out to put smiles on our kids faces. You guys are great role models for these young boys!!

- Amanda Fiest

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