Players being introduced at the Banquet

The 2015 Alvin High School Baseball fundraising banquet is set for January 24th in the Alvin High School cafeteria. This year, due to fabulous sponsor commercial filming by a professional production company, the banquet will be on the fourth Saturday in January instead of the third Saturday.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. for browsing the fantastic auction and raffle items that the players and parents are collecting. The program and dinner begin at  6:30 p.m., and tickets remain at only $15! Culinary Arts is preparing the dinner, and the players serve the meal—every guest served in approximately seven minutes of being seated. They are good!

Date Sat, January 24
Doors open
Silent auction begins
5:30 p.m.
Program and dinner
Meals served & presentation begins
6:30 p.m.
Tickets $15

Each year we sell about 400 tickets to this banquet and raise funds to improve the facilities and purchase items for the players. All proceeds go the players, the program, or the field.

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The Banquet Program and Auction

The program includes an introduction of the players, a stirring video of them in the off season, and a video of sponsor commercials starring the Alvin Baseball players. The highlight of the program is the live auction that always brings prized and uncommon items.

See a list of items from previous years. Prime items this year will be a J.J. Watt autographed jersey; a Nathan Eovaldi jersey and his game-worn cleats, both personally signed at the banquet for you; and an annual family membership to Alvin Golf & Country Club. We will also have a raffle for a top-of-the-line “pig hunting rifle,” along with many other live and silent auction items.

The silent auction begins when the doors open. A cake auction is also included with elaborate and delicious desserts for your table. Go in as a group and enjoy these treats, or take one home!

Summary of player and parent responsibilities
Responsibility Description Required
Tickets Sell a minimum of eight $15 banquet tickets and ten $20 gun raffle tickets. X
Auction or raffle items Solicit live or silent auction items from the community (minimum of one of either). Contact David Becker when you have your item(s). X
Sponsors Solicit $500 – $2000 home plate or sign sponsorships.
Tables Decorate and supply condiments for your banquet table. Do not bring your own dessert! X
Serve Players arrive at 3:30 p.m., dressed in black slacks, white dress shirt, tie, and dress shoes. X
Cake donations If you are donating a cake for the cake auction, you must contact Clarissa Lopez first!

Tickets and Table Assignments

Each player receives eight tickets to sell at $15 each, which will populate one table of their guests (for the round tables). Players are free to sell more tickets, but any ticket buyers over eight must sit at a separate table. Coach McFarland will do his best to arrange the tables so that your guests are near each other, but it is not always possible. Players do not have to buy tickets for themselves. (They will be serving, not sitting.)

Senior tables are in the front row with juniors behind them; sophomores are next, and freshman sit in the back. Sponsors near in front if possible. Coach McFarland determines the table assignments, and it is completely random.

This year, players must also sell ten or more $20 gun raffle tickets for the pig hunting rifle.

Table Decorations

Each player’s parents are responsible for decorating their player’s table. Decorations should reflect the player himself. Examples include mementos of the player’s baseball career, baby pictures, hobbies, homemade photo placemats—the sky’s the limit.

Centerpieces are limited to 18″ so that guests behind your table can view the presentations.

Underclassmen Tables

Freshman – Junior tables are 5′ (60″) octagon or round tables that seat eight. Round 8′ – 9′  (90″ – 108″) tablecloths work well under your decorations. You can rent or purchase round tablecloths of any color, material, or size. Placemats are also acceptable.

Senior Tables

Senior tables are rectangular, 8′ x 2½’ (30″ x 96″) long. You can use this tablecloth calculator to determine the length of the tablecloth you’d like to use as this table size is nonstandard. Rectangular 50″ x 120″ or 60″ x 126″ tablecloths are inexpensive options that are easy to find in several colors, patterns, and fabrics on sites such as

What to Bring

Parents with all table sizes should leave room for plates around your decorations. Plates, flatware, and a limited amount of cheese and bacon bits are provided. You must provide salt, pepper, and other condiments for the baked potatoes and roast beef. Be sure to bring extra shredded cheese, bacon bits, and other baked potato fixings for your table.

Do not bring dessert for your table. Banquet guests must buy dessert from the donated cakes! Have your table go in together to buy a cake if you want dessert.

Bring your decorations in a plastic tub that you can keep under the table. When the banquet is over, it gets a bit chaotic, and you can simply sweep your decorations into the tub. You can fit two standard, plastic tubs under an octogon table without interference. Senior tubs might need to wait in the car during the banquet.

When to Decorate

The cafeteria is reserved Friday afternoon (from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m.) to begin decorating and will reopen Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. Decorating must be completed by 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. Players and parents are highly encouraged to begin decorating Saturday morning when banquet personnel are present. We are not responsible for items left overnight on Friday. Tables are often moved and rearranged, and your carefully designed decorations might be disturbed.

Player Arrival and Attire

Players must arrive at the cafeteria at 3:30 p.m. to help with the final touches. Players must be dressed in black pants, a white dress shirt, a tie of any color, and dress shoes. Players will serve the food and work the banquet.

Auction and Raffle Items

Each player must donate (or find a donor for) a minimum of one live or one silent auction item. Auction items can be anything; do not limit your items to baseball or sports memorabilia. Think outside of the box. Hunting items, trips, vacation home rentals, puppies, helicopter or hot air balloon rides, guns, yard furniture, BBQ grills, hand-made quilts, golf carts, and even horses make money for the team. When you have an auction item, contact David Becker so that he can catalog it.

Date Money and Items are Due

Money for the banquet is due on or before the Friday before the banquet. Checks should be payable to AYBC.

Online Sponsorship Form

This website has an online donation form. Sponsors (or players on behalf of the sponsors) can declare donations directly from this form instead of using the paper form. With the online form, sponsors can upload high-resolution logos or other artwork for their home plate and sign displays. Players then collect the check or donation item from the sponsor to give to David Becker. See Become a Sponsor for complete details.

Cake Donations

If you are donating a cake, you must notify Clarissa Lopez, who is managing cake donations. Do not just show up at the door with a cake.

Sponsors Who Cannot Attend the Banquet

If you find a sponsor who can’t be at the banquet, let them know that they can bid anyway! We take bids over the phone and are set up for credit card payments!


If you have any questions that are not answered here, contact Coach McFarland or David Becker.