Meet the players of the 2013 – 2014 Alvin High School Baseball team.

Navigate to the Varsity roster from the Jackets > Varsity Roster menu. Thirteen seniors and five juniors comprise the 18-man Yellowjackets team this year including a pitching staff of six hurlers, three catchers, eight infielders, and four outfielders.


2014 Alvin High School Baseball Varsity

2014 Alvin High School Baseball Varsity



2014 Alvin Baseball Pitchers

2014 Alvin Baseball Varsity Pitchers



2014 Alvin Baseball Catchers

2014 Alvin Baseball Varsity Catchers



2014 Alvin Baseball Infielders

2014 Alvin Baseball Varsity Infielders



2014 Alvin Baseball Outfielders

2014 Alvin Baseball Varsity Outfielders



Player Jersey # Grade Position
Alex Lawson 1 SR P
Russell Ivy 2 SR P, IF
Chase Duplechin 3 SR IF
Rico Luna 4 JR IF
Tristan Deriso 5 SR P
Steven Mata 6 SR IF
Gerrek Jimenez 7 SR IF
Gavin Alverez 9 JR P, OF
Coleman Ramsey 10 SR IF
Gunner Olszewski 11 JR C
Joe McDonald 16 SR P
Andrew Dean 17 SR P
Colton Beaver 19 SR OF
Sean Farrell 20 JR OF
Humberto Zuniga 21 SR IF
Jace Campbell 22 SR OF
Taylor Crainer 23 SR IF
Mark Ortiz 24 SR C
Nick Burr 25 JR C
Student Manager Justin Gonzalez
Student Manager Victor Perez
Student Trainer Bryanna Hamme

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